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Master Kush Terp Sugar @HarvestMoonGardens GoogleWeed REVIEW

At first glance, the Terp Sugar consistency is milky golden, with a beautiful glossy transparency that lingers around a thick sugary glob of THC honey. At the first nose, terpenes resound with musk resistance and shout loudly of impending potency. The substance looks as though it moves fluidly throughout the glass bottom container but further examination yields no play in this gorgeous concoction. As I cleanse my palate once more with the geisha coffee beans from Trader Joe's, I smell the resounding distant hint of tangerine peels. I score this preemptively 10 out of 10 add a purely visual level and a nine out of 10 with regards to earth shattering floral nosing. Clearly, no sativas were used during the production of this Broadway number, and The showmanship of this extract is uniquely original and pure. The dank resonant blast of Kush Indica blairs louder than my piano jazz, and I tilt back in the chair with deep wonderment of curiosities yet sampled. It has been five months since my last interaction with concentrated cannabis and I am tepid with desire!

I break the seal on the masked gorilla man terp sugar, and my Glass wand penetrates the milky substrate easily. I anticipated the consistency to shatter like glass and stick to the sides of the container but I was completely fooled by this unpredictable substance.

Puff one: The rusty flavor breaks the ice immediately, and torments my taste buds with lingering notes of sherry. Ripping thru my lungs with ease, and entering my mind with the hungry rush of soulful stimulation, this pot leaves the great desire of the next. Several moments pass and I feel the lavish fade and energetic potency enter my being, making me well again. Mind and body float as one entity gaining momentum and the single puff alleviates my desire to try another. Another cleanse of the palate, and I repeat.

Puff two: A slight tinge of butane coats my throat and I can finally feel the blissful intoxicating full body effects enter my upper arms and soothe the aches I’ve been carrying in my back. With great reluctance, I must succumb to the feeling of inner peace. Mild visual hallucinations are imminent and hallow my inner core with desire for even yet the slightest bit more of the golden trichome honey.

I cannot help but gaze in blissful wonderment as the curious nature of the Master Kush tempts my brain. As temptation fades to satisfaction, I remember that honey bear container sits quietly amongst a pantry full of pastries, and with bare minimum self control I pull my mind away from the desire to fill the honey bear with THC drops to make dabbing liquids pantry-accessible. After all, I have kids, and irresponsible daydreams are the work of online blogs, and will never amount to any empirical reality.

Out on a mission driving becomes inspiring and every twist and turn makes me want to eagerly chat with someone but not anyone in particular and definitely no one but myself. I reminisce of the Pied Piper of yesterday that is so quickly become the absolute best TV show at least for my Silicon Valley dreams. Flurries of racing thoughts protrude in the most glamorous Waze and I feel my soul conform to the chair a new surrounding pop beats on the road.

Minutes later, a mild cough protrudes as I revel in pleasurable contentment and inner peace. Thank you, From The Earth, from the bottom of my theatrically throbbing heart.