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Cannabis is a very powerful medicinal shrub that is used in treating various chronic diseases. The marijuana plants that we grow today, are a part of a very enriching history. Are you planning to grow Marijuana nursery in your backyard and don't know which variety to choose between Indica and Sativa?

 While many people are aware of the characteristics of Indica strains, we feel that there needs to be much more written about the wonderful Sativa variety of cannabis plants. Often times, there is a lack of education about the difference between these strains. As a result, we tend to become more confused in deciding whether to plant it or not. Cannabis sativa grows very large and has the potential to reach up to 15 feet in many cases if the conditions are right.. Don't expect sativa to flower as quickly as some Indica’s because sativa plants can often follow their own schedule with its own flowering time.

  Sativa is native to countries with warm climates and the maturing period is fruitful and long. Most of the best Sativa strains hail from locations all throughout the globe, like India, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand.

 Unlike its sedating partner Indica, sativa has its own unique effects. While most people use it for smoking purpose, you will not get as stoned from utilizing this strain. It has a very stimulating kind of effect that gives you a much happier feeling.  It also helps in enhancing the creativity level of an individual. This strain is needed when you want to stay active, feel energetic and need new and fresh ideas. Sativa has the higher level of CBN and THC, the two active ingredients of cannabis.

 Now after reading all this and with little more research, if you want to purchase Sativa clones, OG Marijuana Plants is an excellent place your orders.  We offer Sativa strains with uplifting qualities which are ideal for outdoor and indoor planting. We donate our Sativa clones to all the regions that stay compliant to the current legislation of California. After all, the right start is the key to the right result. For that OG.Life has sourced the best exotic marijuana clones available today. We have strains that will work well for an individual as well as for the commercial growers for both medical use.

 Our cannabis clones are produced on site and under careful observation. We have a quality team that ensures them to be free of diseases, pests, or powdery mildew. The clones are planted, nurtured and well rooted to give you the best quality yield. Only the best of all clones is offered to our valuable patients. OG.Life is sincerely committed to implementing the most updated technology for packaging, processing, cultivation and safety. Our team is one of the most trusted sources for clones in your area and we aspire to continuously progress within the rapidly booming weed industry for the complete benefit of our patients. Place your delivery order for sativa clones at OG.Life or you can also give us as call and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist you. We offer same day expedite shipping which is done carefully to ensure your identity is kept discreet. So, get started with the best sativa clones available today. Order Today!