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For many people who are suffering from chronic conditions, growing good quality Medical Marijuana clones can be quite helpful. Unfortunately, most regular dispensaries and nurseries take in just about any clone and sell discredited genetics to the growing community. We only provide plants that are completely absent of mold, pests and various diseases. This is something we ensure with all the strains we have in our nursery.

 There are many online websites offering clones for sale in and all throughout Orange County California. None of them match up to our standards.

 When you become part of OG.Life collective, you are directly working with us and get a full understanding of the marijuana strain that you want to grow. This also ensures that you are on the right track to growing a successful yield of medical marijuana. OG.Life is highly committed and absolutely dedicated to providing you with the highest quality cannabis strains available.  

Our clones are grown naturally with complete care to give pure quality and our products are genetically verifiable to ensure healthy and strong marijuana plants. We have made our services available to the absolutely gorgeous Orange County in California. We understand that harvesting successful marijuana plants can be harder than what people typically expect. That's why we offer regular email and phone support at the times you need it the most. We are currently delivering at Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Irvine area around the Orange County.

 Our sole purpose is to give cultivation support to the people who are interested in medical marijuana harvest. OG.Life is one of the states authorized Orange County's premier marijuana plant supplier of best quality clones; rooted and ready for the transplant in your garden setup.

 We cultivate mother plant from the homegrown breeding seeds only and do not sell or buy clones from outside vendors. All the plants are well take care of and well nursed on site. Beginners can see the clones growing into a healthy and large plant as soon as they arrive.. Join our membership to get access to exclusive cannabis support for medical use. You can also contact our team and learn about the different strains and the level of THC in your plants.

In regard to our delivery system, we take no excuse in getting your mail order delivered and ensure that we ship your order with priority in mind. We cover all the major areas of Orange County and you will be surprised to see your package come to you in a perfect state within such a short span of time. Isn't that amazing? Wait, with the growing demand, the cost of marijuana clones are also getting sky-rocketed. But there is good news, we offer the competitive price for our plants because we value your business and understand that once a satisfied customer, always a satisfied customer.

 So, if you have been planning to set up your own cannabis nursery or grow and don't know where to start, then OG.Life is the place to start this journey. We will help you not only in acquiring the best quality marijuana clones but also help you with the growing tips.